Our Story

We are a small family-run enterprise based in Cape Town. The business is founded on two main footings to deliver responsible products and live by ethical trade.

Support local economy: We seek out local manufacturing when sourcing our product in support of small business development, sustainability and regeneration in this segment of the South African economy. Please chat with us about our Local Small Business Regeneration Program.

Contribute to environmental conservation:  Our local sourcing helps minimise the carbon footprint in our activity. In addition, we pledge support to the conservation of wild bees and pollinators through sharing a % of all profit with Ujubee, an organisation dedicated to the study of and habitat conservation of these insects which are vitally important to the health and biodiversity of our planet. Please ask us about our association with ujubee.com.

Contact us at info@chasingbees.co.za or complete the form below to learn more.